"Embark On A Journey With Us - Crafting A Sustainable World Today, For Generations To Come!"

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Experience the power of $BLUE – more than just a token, we’re a dynamic community dedicated to democratizing cryptocurrency. Dive into our innovative ecosystem where we not only offer electric scooters, bikes, and motorcycles but also integrate crypto mining capabilities into our electric scooter lineup. Our commitment extends beyond the crypto realm as we strive for sustainable urban mobility solutions. Join us in building a brighter, greener future with Blueprint – where real-world solutions meet crypto rewards.

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About Us

Introducing Blueprint, where innovation seamlessly intertwines with convenience in the crypto universe. Our mission is clear: to bridge the gap between non-crypto users and the burgeoning cryptocurrency space through a revolutionary approach. We’ve redefined the concept of transportation by embedding crypto mining capabilities into our sleek lineup of electric scooters, bikes, and motorcycles, allowing every kilometer or mile you travel to earn BluePrint tokens. But that’s just the beginning. Our state-of-the-art app not only offers GPS navigation but also connects you with local businesses through direct advertisements, presenting enticing incentives throughout your journey. With Blueprint tokens, you gain the flexibility to kickstart your crypto investment journey or exchange them for tangible products. Welcome to the future of transportation and finance, where every ride propels you towards a realm of endless possibilities.


Bridged Networks

Dive into the future of cryptocurrency with $BLUE! powered by Binance Smart Chain (BSC), our seamless transactions guarantee lightning-fast speed and enhanced accessibility for all users. But that's not all - we're bridging to networks like Ethereum and many more, unlocking limitless possibilities and extending our reach across diverse platforms. Join us as we redefine the crypto landscape, making digital currencies more dynamic and accessible than ever before. Don't miss your chance to be a part of the $BLUE revolution!

Security Measures

$BLUE places paramount importance on security measures, including undergoing regular audits, strict adherence to the latest BSC20 version standards, utilization of multi-signature wallets for enhanced control, and a methodical release of reserves. These efforts are intricately linked to the credibility of our real-world project, “Blueprint.”

Innovative Tokenomics

$BLUE’s distinctive tokenomics incorporate a 40% burn mechanism designed to target the market cap, while taxes (6%) are strategically allocated to liquidity, development, earn mechanics, marketing, and a buyback mechanism. We have currently reduced our taxes to 4% for the next 30 days.
Token Address: 0x6D8CE867fc36a57a4148c4DC904A9D8251E7Ea8c

Ecosystem And Sustainabiltiy Focus

$BLUE is an integral component of the BluePrint Ecosystems, a forward-thinking initiative committed to fostering sustainable mobility and implementing tangible real-world solutions. Setting itself apart from typical crypto hype, $BLUE prioritizes eco-friendly transportation as a cornerstone of its mission. By promoting electric scooters, bikes, and motorcycles, we’re not just advocating for a greener future; we’re actively contributing to it. Our focus extends beyond speculative trends, emphasizing practical applications that positively impact both the environment and everyday lives. Join us in embracing a future where cryptocurrency intersects with sustainable urban mobility, forging a path towards lasting change.


  • Launching The Website
  • Listing On CMC and CG
  • Developing Marketing Strategies
  • Initiating Negotiations With Exchanges



  • Preparing For Business Registration
  • Introducing DNFT
  • Commencing Negotiations With
    Scooter Manufactures
  • Implementing Marketing Strategies
  • Unveiling The Scooter To The Public
  • Ongoing Marketing Initiatives
  • Blue App Launch
  • Office Opening
  • Featured On Major Exchanges
  • Launching A Charitable Blue Initiative
  • Ongoing Marketing Initiatives